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Did you know that one of the fun ( educational too!) activities that all kids at La Costa Valley Preschool and Kindergarten participate in is gardening?


  • Project management : Our  garden provides children with an opportunity to learn about how foods grows and what it requires to produce healthy vegetables, flowers and trees. Children also plant, sow and reap their harvest all year-long.
  • Math and Measuring: The garden also provides an opportunity for math as children learn to measure and record plant growth.
  • Healthy Diets = Healthy bodies and minds Healthy foods become part of discussions in a very real manner.  Children become much more engaged and eager to try carrots, squash, radishes, melons and more when they actually grow them.  Children learn about growing and maintaining a healthy garden and body.

We invite you to follow along with our gardens progress as we plant the seeds for a healthy crop of not only plants but minds and bodies too.

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