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Why knowing how to act like a tree or a rock can help kids avoid a dog bite when a unfriendly dog approaches.

While naturally all kids love pets and may have a dog, cat or friends with friendly dogs we felt it important to help our kids learn

  • how to care for and be gentle with dogs to avoid making them mad
  • why they should never approach a strange dog
  • why they should not bother a dog while eating, caring for its babies or to stay away from a dogs face
  • recognize a dog in a bad mood that needs to be left alone
  • Why acting like a tree  standing completely still and avoiding direct eye contact  can help stop a overly excited jumping dog or a threatening dog
  • Why running away may cause dog to chase and attack.
  • Acting like a rock can help if they are knocked down by a dog or are sitting when a aggressive dog attacks

Too often we hear on the news of dog bites from stray dogs or a loved family pet or neighbors dog  accidentally injuring a child. These negative experiences with dogs can not only create life long fear of dogs but also can lead to dire injury and consequences.  Helping your child by teaching them how to properly act around known and unknown pets, how to recognize aggressive behavior and what to do about it to best protect themselves may help your child to have positive dog experiences and avoid the negative ones.

We would like to thank Officer Harrison who visited us and shared essential skills and lessons on you and dogs safety.

At La Costa Valley Preschool and Kindergarten we believe in a holistic approach to learning. This includes our literacy based curriculum but also life skills that our students can take with them into their futures.

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