Location: 2276 Calle Barcelona, Carlsbad, CA 92009 | Phone: 760-436-2797 Admissions.lcvpk@gmail.com

Meredith from the Carlsbad Flower Fields visited with us today to discuss botany (the study of plants) and environment. At our school we love stimulating our students  natural curiosity in nature and their surroundings.  More so it helps our kids understand, and begin to develop an appreciation of just how vital plants are to our world.

The children learned about environment, plants, and  flowers.  Each child also planted a sunflower and will chart its growth.

In the spring, the group will go to the Carlsbad Flower Fields to meet again with Meredith to discuss the growth of their plants and to learn more at the flower fields through interactive lessons  which includes handling worms and learning the importance of  worms for soil and plant growth.

A wagon ride through the extensive fields, art and more are part of this exceptional learning experience that begins with lessons on our campus.

This is always a great learning experience for the children and supports our gardening activities on campus too.

Thank You to Carlsbad Flower Fields for the fun and engaging learning experience and for serving your community through your educational programs.

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