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Thank you for taking the time to leave us a review.  Your feedback helps us to help you. Also, current student family feedback on why they choose LCVPK, the quality of education they receive (current or past), goes far in helping other families who maybe considering entrusting the well-being and educational needs of their children at our school to feel confident that our programs and staff meet and exceed their expectations.

We would be ecstatic if you also go to our Facebook Page, Google Review Page or Yelp and leave us a review there. (Simply be logged into your above account, cut and paste your review from here for easy to do review or totally write a new one. 🙂

Review Opportunity Drawing
Each month we will randomly draw a name from our reviews for a fantastic gift card!

We do care about your privacy. So when filling in the name feel free to use FIRST NAME – Last initial format. Example: Sally B.

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