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Peer Reading, Mentoring and Heartwarming Words From Dane

Two years ago Dane graduated from Ms. Joan’s Kindergarten class. While a student with Ms. Joan, he learned to read, and had read hundreds of books by the end of the school year. Today, he returned today to present Ms. Joan with a colorful knitted scarf he made just for her and to share his love of reading with the kindergarten students.

He read stories to the class. His engaging reading style was fun and inspiring for the students. There were giggles and smiles as he shared the magic of reading and demonstrated how to bring stories and characters alive through reading aloud.

Ms. Joan’s current class of students is also reading and loving it!

Dane then met individually with students as they read to him. It was an inspiring and exciting experience for all.

Dane is technically a second grade student, however he is performing at 4th grade level in all his subjects. Dane will be visiting again to teach the students finger knitting techniques.

Heartwarming Words That Will Make Any Teachers Heart Smile
Read Dane’s Paper on Ms. Joan (exerp)

Introduction to Ms. Joan

Ms. Joan is an amazing teacher that changed my life in reading.  When I first came to her kindergarten class, I did not know how to read.  By the end of the school year, I came out loving to read!  Ms. Joan always knew how to motivate me so I could become a good reader.

Where She Lived

Ms. Joan grew up living in North Carolina with her mother, Cleo and her father, Joe.  She’s also lived in Phoenix, Arizona and San Diego, California where she’s taught kids.

Fun Fact:  Ms. Joan has traveled to seven different places in Europe!

Her Jobs

Ms. Joan is a fantastic teacher who has taught many kids to read and write and always makes it fun.  She always knew she wanted to be a teacher, even growing up.  In college, she was trained to be a teacher, and immediately loved it.  She has taught at least 420 kids!

Before becoming a teacher, Ms. Joan tried other jobs such asstate department/children’s counselor, then teaching.  Out of all of her jobs, teaching is her favorite.   Now in California, she facilitates kindergarten and first grade.

Fun Fact:  Ms. Joan was Teacher of the Year in Arizona

Her Writing and Art

Ms. Joan has written and illustrated a published book called “Searching for Nanny Jo”.   Each of the dogs (and cat) in the story, have been a part of her and her cousin’s life.  She is in the story too.  It’s fiction and teaches you about determination and love.  “Searching for Nanny Jo” is published and you can buy it on Amazon.

Fun Fact: “Searching for Nanny Jo” was inspired by one of Ms. Joan’s dogs, Rosie

Ms. Joan is a great artist.  When you walk into her class, you see art that she’s inspired her students to do hanging on every wall.  Whatever the children are learning about, Ms. Joan somehow turns it into art, and helps the kids think creatively.

Every year, Ms. Joan has her class perform a play.   The children get ready for the play by memorizing their parts, painting the background and figuring out how to make things look real.  Ms. Joan helps her students learn the dances and songs.  It always takes at least a couple months.  Ms. Joan has received praise in newspapers for her elaborate kindergarten and first grade plays.

Fun Fact: Ms. Joan’s favorite play she ever directed is “How to Train your Dragon”.  And I was in it!



Ms. Joan is a change maker because she inspires kids to learn to read.  And reading is one of the most important skills we’ll ever learn!



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