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Hands on crafting projects are great learning opportunities but also help to foster those magical moments with your child.

Learn how to make fairies or stars twinkling  in a jar

Materials Needed with Glow Sticks
*many of the materials are available at your local dollar store

  • glow sticks – 3-4 for each person (you can even use the colored ones if you like)
  • glitter –  silver, gold or various colors
  • glass jar with a lid – one per person – we like the small canning jar with lid or small mason jar
  • parent/supervising adult

How to:

  • parent – snip off end of glow stick and empty into glass jar
  • add some glitter – we like the 1/4 glitter to 3/4 glow stick material
  • close /seal the lid on the jar
  • shake the jar

In a darkened room your project will glow and sparkle!

How to create a glow jar using glow in the dark craft paint.

*these glow jars will glow longer with sun ray recharge in-between

Materials needed for making glow jar using glow paint:

  • glow paints multiple colors
  • paint brushes
    No brushes you can get creative by

    • dipping the eraser on the end of a pencil and dot the inside of the jar
    • celery stalk dip end of celery into paint and dot inside jar for half moon shapes
    • use a q-tip to dip-n-dot the paint
  • mason or canning jar with lid
  • optional glue and glitter to decorate the top of the jar

Reading ideas to compliment your crafting:

You could take this project a step further by also reading
Pinkalicious Fairy House by Victoria Kann
Ocean Fairies – Ally the Dolphin Fairy by Daisy Meadows

Points to ponder:

Glow stick jar
What glitter shines more and why?
Why does it glow in the dark?

Glow paint

How long did you leave your jar in the sun and how long did it glow?
What makes the paint glow and what is that process called?
Which colors glowed the brightest? Why do you think that is?
Parents you may find Everyday Chemistry a great place for answers to How glow paints work

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