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Trick or Treat, fun and inspirational costumes for kids. What we love about these costumes is that their faces are not covered and hands and feet are free to safely navigate their environment. Also,  with a little elbow grease, you and your child together can flex your creative side and create your own Halloween costumes.

Benefit of DYI’ing your child’s costume is the together time and memories built, but also the learning experience of constructing the costume. Skills acquired are, a little math and measuring, project management, creative problem solving and more.

Have your own creative kids costumes? We would love it if you shared them with us.

Resources for DYI Halloween Costumes

Spoonful – DYI costumes with directions
Parents.com – inspirations for costumes
CountryLiving – DYI costumes with directions
TheDailyGreen – Eco conscious? Costumes made from recycled material, way cool!


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