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Health education is part of the curriculum at our school. We regularly seek out guest teachers to share learning, cultural and life skill experiences for our students as part of our whole child learning experience philosophy.

Health Ed With Flossie The Dental Bunny and Davis Pediatric Dentistry

Through singing, games and instruction students learn about the importance of dental health with Flossie the bunny and her friend.  As you can see the kids were really engaged and excited to learn about their dental health as well as receiving a gift packet consisting of a tooth brush, floss and even a timer!

Fun Sing-A-Long Song – Brushing Your Teeth

If your child is not so excited about brushing their teeth, making it fun through song may help you to help them to develop proper brushing techniques
Play Sing, Ask and Answer with your child:
How many times a day should you brush your teeth?
How long should we brush our teeth?   Why?
Why should you floss?
Why is brushing and flossing is important?

Thank You

We would like to thank Davis Pediatric Dentistry for teaching our kids about the importance of dental health in such a fun and engaging way.

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