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The making of a feathered friend, Mr. Edward James , The Turkey

It’s the making of a feathered friend in one of our preschool classes.   Using a  wooden tree as a base, the kids create different themes each month.  This month’s creation is a feathered friend.   The kids created him with feathers and named him,  Edward James.

It’s all about transforming knowledge and imagination into classroom fun.

A fun preschool classroom project that incorporates creative expression, art, math, science, language, movement, music and much more.

Using the branches of a classroom tree as a base, students contemplate how to transform their “tree” into something creative and supportive of their monthly themes.

This month, Edward James the turkey was created.  The children discussed turkeys, feathers, colors, birds that fly and those that don’t, listened to sounds different birds make and learned to distinguish the sounds turkeys make, how turkeys walk and much more.  Children will next be “writing” their class story about the adventures of Edward James the turkey.


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