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Our Students Love Our Water Canal Pump System – Science Though Whole Child Learning Experience

Science lesson on water, pumps and how boats float including how water speed contributes to boat speed, preschool and kindergarten, la Costa Valley Preschool and KindergartenWe incorporate science, building and discovery in our lessons. Sometimes, we build our own equipment to ensure engaging and exciting learning experiences. The below video is an example of our own wonderful Water Canal Pump System we built, and a glimpse of one of the lessons incorporating some of the many possible learning opportunities our students experience at our Preschool and Kindergarten.


” Learning about pumps, waterways and how boats float”

See our lesson: Our children are learning about about how pumps work, where they are used, water, waterways, boat building and exercising. (Actively engaging the whole child in the learning experience)

Lessons Learned and Experienced

The recirculating water streams through the water canals at varying speeds depending upon the frequency of repetitions from our student powered pumps. Obstructions are placed in the canal to learn the how water flows in and around obstacles and the importance of keeping our water ways clean. Children have constructed boats from upcycled materials to learn about how objects float and why. They also learned about waterways and how the flow of water and obstacles affects boats and nature.

This lesson provides good team work experience, multidimensional learning opportunities and even individual upper body exercise during pumping.


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