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Is your child ready for kindergarten but has missed the age cut off date for enrollment?  Have you considered enrolling your child in a pre k early entry program?  Are you engaging in at home pre k activities that can help you to prepare your child for school?

Pre kindergarten is a crucial learning stage since it will help lay the foundation for your child’s success as they move on to higher levels of education. To start your child’s education on the right foot choose a accredited pre k program  and with regular parental involvement at home with stimulating prekindergarten  activities, you can look forward to raising a well-rounded and successful achiever.

5 fun and easy activities to support your child in pre kindergarten:

 Guessing the ABC’s and 123 – Basic Alphabet and Number Recognition
Guessing the ABC’s and 123 activities can be played by using any object at home. To teach your child how to spell out his name, you can have your kid arrange alphabet magnets sticking on the fridge. To teach about numbers, you can use cookies. Once your child gets use to these prekindergarten activities, you can start using prekindergarten worksheets. Basic alphabet and number recognition is the foundation of learning.

Read and Rhyme – Enhancing Listening Ability
One of the keys to successful education is the ability to listen. You can enhance it as early as pre k by reading pre kindergarten rhyme books. On each story, make sure to involve your child. For instance, you can have your kid respond with the “meow” sound if it’s the cat turn to talk. At the end of each story, ask some questions so you will know if your child understood the story. Read and rhyme activity can help enhance your child’s listening ability while expanding his pre k language readiness.

Animal List – Enhancing Language Skills
Expanding your kid’s background knowledge and enhancing his language skills can be achieved by exposing him to the world around him. By using prekindergarten worksheets with animal illustrations, you can start teaching him to familiarize with different animals and their sounds. This will teach him to match sounds with objects; a skill he needs to expand his vocabulary later as he learns to retain words in his mind through the sounds each object makes.

Build the House – Enhancing Fine-Motor Skills
Enhancing fine-motor skills involves teaching your child how to cut, paste, and hold a pencil. One of the most effective prekindergarten activities for enhancing this pre kindergarten skill is “Build the House”. You can use prekindergarten worksheets as pattern. Have your kid draw additional patterns then teach him to cut and paste it to a blank sheet of paper.

Tie Your Sneakers – Empowering Self-Help
“Tie Your Sneakers” is one of the easiest prekindergarten games you can play with your kid. Have him put his sneakers on while singing a pre kindergarten rhyme. Prekindergarten games such as this will train your kid to do simple task and will empower his independence.

Pre kindergarten serves as your child’s foundation for learning. By making the most of your child pre k years, you can look forward to a successful achiever. Sign up now for our fun, engaging pre k activities that will help you achieve this goal.

We hope these five ideas helps you to engage your child’s thirst for learning today!

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